CDL Drivers - What Happens Next



CDL Drivers (FMCSA):    What should I do next?

If you are A registered Driver in THE clearinghouse,

access your site and select JERRY eAMES LCAC SAP AS YOUR sap


If you are not yet registered follow the steps below.


    CDL and Permit Drivers:    What should I do next?  

1.  Keep your cell phone handy to check emails.  Visit  Look for, and click on box "Go to"  Click on "creat an account" and enter your email, it will be your contact email.  Then you will confirm by checking your email from "" and click confirm. 


    Next you will be directed to creat a password, click continue. Select an option for "First Authentication Method" to get security code.   Check email again and find your security code, this is a one time code.  It will expire in 10 minutes, enter code and submit.  You will then repeat by setting up a second method, then continue.  You will see that you have created your account, click continue, you will be returned to the Clearinghouse website and then can complete your Clearing house registyration.


2.  Select your role (driver) click next.  Enter contact information, click next.  Choose your preferred contact method as email, click next.  Enter your current Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or Permit (CLP) information.  Click Verify, wait, then once your CDL information is Verified, you will not be able to edit it.  Click next.  Review the Clearinghouse terms and conditions, Click I Agree, your Clearinghouse registration is complete.


3.  Employers, MRO, and related services are required to report violation information by the close of the third business day following the  date on which they obtained testing information results.   Go to  Check into your Clearinghouse Account.  Use your email and password.  Dropdown menue of SAP providers.  Choose Jerry Eames.  Our SAP will receive a contact, and if able will accept your choosing Jerry as your SAP.  Jerry will email you, and you will call and set up an assessment meeting.


4. With strict confidentiality, you will attend a face to face meeting with the SAP for assessment and recommendations.  You will test and interview for 2 to 3 hours depending upon many factors.


5.  A recommendation will be made, with you, to participate in some sort of program or activity that will satisfy the SAP referral.

6.  After Completing the referral of the SAP you will return for a short Follow-up Meeting.

What is the Follow Up Meeting?

The "Return to Duty Process"  After participating in, and successfully meeting the referral requirements, you will return to the SAP for a follow up to evaluate this completion, and direct the Employer for your substance abuse testing requirements.